Planificación, control de producción y gestión de componentes REC de la FAL A400M

Manufacturing engineering
Planning and production control
Date: 2013-ongoing
Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space

AERTEC is involved in the planning and production control service of the A400M FAL’s REC (Rework Electrical Centre). It also performs the planning and production control for the work transferred from IFA (work transferred from Germany to the FAL in Seville).

The A400M was conceived as a transport aircraft to carry a greater payload and replace the C-130 Hercules and the Transall C-160.

It can be used with a variety of configurations:

¬ In-flight refuelling

¬ Cargo transport

¬ Troop transport

¬ Medical evacuation

¬ Electronic surveillance

Work phases

  • Viewing repositories where information is managed
  • Data gathering
  • Contact with client understand their priorities

Scope of work

  • Planning of work tasks and new IFA tasks
  • Macro-instructions for easier management
  • Logistics management of the materials needed to perform IFA work tasks
  • Warehouse management of the materials to perform IFA work tasks
  • Load/cap. analysis per aircraft, area and type of resource
  • Updating lean manufacturing panels
  • Analysis of the planning’s feasibility based on available resources (human, material and technical)
  • Coordination with the other departments involved in the project
  • Issuing production orders
  • Delivering orders to production
  • Monitoring the orders’ progress
  • Drafting safety reports for each aircraft and area
  • Incident management
  • Closing orders
  • Planning with external and internal suppliers
  • Management, planning and monitoring of kits in REC
  • Planning with suppliers and internal staff
  • Components management and monitoring missing components in REC production
  • Warehouse management of REC components and kits
  • Incident management
  • Coordination and planning with other REC departments
  • Analysis of kit management and missing components for client
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