Airbus A330 MRTT

Estudio organización industrial instalaciones A330 MRTT, Getafe (España)

Industrial engineering
Date: 2008
Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space

Comprehensive study on industrial organisation of the A330 MRTT new facilities of CAP EADS CASA (Airbus DS), Getafe (Madrid, Spain).

AERTEC Solutions’ study began with a diagnostic of the current operation, via meetings with the client and field work on the existing facilities.

Work hypotheses were outlined, based on the 5S’s methodology and Lean Manufacturing. These hypotheses, along with the data gathered from the first phase, formed the basis to implement the study on the organisation of the industrial process required to convert commercial aircraft into tanker aircraft, encapsulated in the design of the layout of the new hangars.

This study included:

¬ Analysis of the movement of industrial and logistical resources needed to accomplish the conversion was carried out

¬ Management of production orders made by the Production Control Department was outlined, along with logistical management based on the Just-in-Time (JiT) parts ordering service from a new warehouse to the various conversion hangars, this being the basis for the positioning of the new hangars and warehouse, taking into account criteria on prioritisation of workflows, and an analysis of the life cycle cost (LCCA)

¬ The processes and logistics facilities were outlined, in order to optimise the management of parts and production orders, finishing the study off with a layout design of the warehouse.

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