Actualización del edificio de ensamblaje II de Airbus, Puerto Real, Cádiz (España)

Industrial engineering
Drafting of construction design specifications, as well as works management
Date: 2009-2010
Client: AIRBUS

The design contains the technical specifications for the execution of the upgrading works required for the installation of new assembly machinery for the A350 aircraft’s horizontal stabiliser.

The works described were carried out inside an already built building with the assumption of maintaining the production process in operation during the works’ execution.

The document describes the entire construction process, along with the specific measures required by this type of works.

Work phases

¬ Activity and facilities project

¬ Final design

¬ Design of the transformer station

¬ Works management

Scope of work

¬ “Special” foundations in existing building

¬ Facilities

Technical data

¬ Building’s surface area: 8,928.17m2

¬ Surface area affected by the works: 400m2

¬ Foundations made of micropiles, pile caps and reinforced concrete brace beams

¬ Low-voltage electricity and lighting

¬ Climate control

¬ Voice and data installation

¬ Compressed air

¬ PA system

¬ Fire protection facilities

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