Organización industrial para las A400M FAL y CN235/C295 FAL, Centro logístico externo

Industrial engineering
Technical consultancy / Operations
Date: 2005 – 2006
Client: LTK Group

Industrial organisation and setting out procedures for the A400M FAL & CN235/C295 FAL External Logistics Centre (ELC)

This project consisted of studying the needs for an External Logistics Centre (ELC) to supply the A400M FAL and the CN235/C295 FAL.

The layout design was carried out, internal logistics flows within the ELC and external flows between the ELC and FAL were defined, and procedures were set out to optimise shipment management under the Just in Time (JIT) philosophy.

The warehouse organisation was studied in detail for each of the organisational areas, such as the reception, litigation, scrapping, warehouse (following an ABC analysis to avoid as much wastage as possible) and CADO (Order Grouping Centre) areas.

Work phases

¬ Technical specifications analysis

¬ Industrial organisation study

¬ Design of logistics procedures

¬ Internal ELC logistics study

¬ External logistics study for the FAL

Scope of work

¬ Analysis of flows and logistics processes

¬ Definition of IT requirements between ELC/FAL and suppliers

¬ Development of the infrastructure functional specifications

¬ Development of the logistics means functional specifications

¬ Development of an operations manual containing standard processes (reception, storage, picking and supply to plant based on a JIT supply chain), contingency processes (emergencies, rejections…) and specific aeronautical industry processes (cannibalisation, loans…)

¬ Study to improve the layout through Lean techniques

¬ Definition and development of operating processes and control indicators in the balanced scorecard

Technical data

¬ Gross floor area measuring 8,500m2

¬ Clients Airbus Military and Airbus

¬ 75 workers in workforce

¬ Administrative reception, technical reception and CADO (Order Grouping Centre)

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