Digital Smart Switch Sw programmable (DS3)

AIRBUS / More electrical aircraft equipment, smart and dynamic distribution

Fecha: 2019 – actualidad

The DS3 Switch is a more dynamic and versatile Power Distribution System that meets the power needs of More Electrical Aircrafts (MEA).

The DS3 is a Smart, Dynamic and Reconfigurable Power Distribution System to control A/C power on demand. Circuit breakers and relays systems are remotely configurable and operable with this device.


Key features

  • MBSE design
  • 2 independent input buses
  • 12 channels independent programmable
  • Total current capability of 96 A
  • Remote load current voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Accuracy 1%
  • Scalable solution


  • Independent remote control of each channel
  • Overload and short circuit
  • Control rise/fall time


  • Ethernet compatible
  • Support MQTT
  • DDS to MQTT available

SW according to DAL D. Low power consumption, fan less solution.