Centro Experimental de Vuelos ATLAS, Jaén (España)

Industrial engineering
Date: 2010

ATLAS is an Experimental Flight Center, located in Villacarrillo (Jaen), there are test facilities for simulation and validation of technologies applicable to UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), designed for manufacturers and researchers to develop and test new technologies and achieves maturity necessary for subsequent regulation of UAS.

These facilities are designed for lightweight UAS (MTOW to 150kg) and tactical UAS (MTOW to 650kg), and include:

¬ 850m length paved runway and 18m width. Including margins, platforms and RESA (1A ICAO)

¬ 5 Hangars expandable to 10,25x12m dimensions, which both have workshop area / storage, and offices for monitoring and control of testing and software development.

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