Asistencia de AGL in-situ en Aeropuerto de Guernsey (Reino Unido)

Airports planning & design
Airfields > Runway and associated taxiways, Visual aids: AGL and signals and NavAids
Place: Guernsey Airport, Guernsey (United Kingdom)
Date: 2013
Client: RPS

The pavement rehabilitation works and the renovation of both the AGL and NavAids systems at Guernsey Airport have been carried out. AERTEC’s task regarding this project was to provide an on-site supervision of the AGL and NavAids works.

The main duties had been undertaken by AERTEC during the construction phase are listed below:

¬ Checking geometrical measurements of the units accordingly with the bill of quantities

¬ Checking the construction methods to be carried out by the contractor and propose improvements regarding those methods;

¬ Enforce the contractor to carry out all necessary tests needed. NavAids system’s tests were carefully analysed due to the fact that these systems are very accurate.

¬ Analyse those tests and propose corrective actions in case that the tests were unacceptable.

¬ Manage the commissioning of the new AGL Control system incorporating a new Single Lamp Control System which allows Air Traffic Controllers to centrally and remotely control and monitor individual lights for the approach, runway, taxiway, stopbars and apron, improving safety and ground traffic efficiency.

Finally, AERTEC has participated in all the works regarding the handover of the new utilities

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