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Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace industry is characterised by long lead times, large investments and high technological content. These variables affect all key players and their decisions, therefore the need for expert solutions has become a fundamental requirement.

Companies involved in this sector need to understand the big picture and have the capabilities to bring value as OEMs, or at any stage in the supply chain.

AERTEC is currently a Tier 1 supplier for Airbus Group for manufacturing engineering services and programme management in the world’s largest aerospace programmes, such as the A350XWB, the A400M, A320 or A330MRTT, among others.

An expert multidisciplinary team committed to the MEA (More Electric Aircraft) concept.

Industrialisation planning adapted to each client’s specific requirements.

Industrialisation of manufacturing, assembly and test processes, providing support.

<Tracking of production process tasks based on the engineering master planning.

Tool design and manufacturing management for aeronautical projects.

Our quality services help our clients comply with the specifications of their own end client.

Optimisation of the final product in terms of time, costs, quality and performance.

AERTEC Solutions contributes to the continuous improvement of aircraft maintenance and repair tasks.

Optimisation of the final product in terms of time, costs, quality and performance.

Powerful, intuitive and tailor-made tools to optimise our clients’ processes.

Products & solutions

i-Workbench is a delimited workspace where, in addition to his or her resources and tools, the operator has a contextualisable digital aid for each task, with the added value of being able to display additional information in the same environment.


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Ángel Lucena

Industrial Engineering Business Development Director
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Jorge Moñino

Manufacturing Engineering Director