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Test systems engineering

​Optimisation of the final product in terms of time, costs, quality and performance

Testing of onboard safety systems

Improvisation has no place in aerospace. We are specialised in the design and testing of all our products in a very wide variety of circumstances in order to demonstrate their safety. At AERTEC Solutions, we respond to our clients’ needs by focusing on the functionality of our onboard systems as well as on conducting tests.

In addition to providing onboard software equipped with automated testing and maintenance, we also cover aerospace systems specification, negotiation, development and manufacturing, along with the consequent assistance to the industry.

Our engineers have accumulated thousands of hours of experience in functional testing in both production and development environments. And the work has not been for nothing. They are involved in the definition, execution and solution of problems related to some of the most stringent tests carried out on civil and defence platforms.

Test systems engineering services

  • Customised test systems engineering (according to client requirements and needs)
  • Integration and specification tests for functional testing
  • Functional test management software for production, maintenance and integration
  • Integration of COTS into the equipment’s hardware

AERTEC Solutions has an extensive workforce of highly-qualified engineers with experience in the aeronautical industry. They are trained and certified in the following key concepts:

  • Airbus project management guide
  • Professional project management (PMP)®
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Specific Airbus training

Any specific training requirements in methods or tools will be analysed with the project manager or person in charge of the department.

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Ángel Lucena

Ángel Lucena

Industrial Engineering Director
Jorge Moñino

Jorge Moñino

Manufacturing Engineering Director


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