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Software applications

Powerful, intuitive and tailor-made tools to optimise our clients’ processes (Visual Studio and C#-based technologies).

Technology solutions for aerospace industry

Thanks to our extensive experience in the aerospace industry, we offer customised technology solutions to key industry players: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers. 

01/ Visual management of digitisation tool

Viewing the status of manufacturing plant processes.
¬ Manufacturing process monitoring, including suppliers’ outstanding work.
¬ Uniformity and customisation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets that must be reached by each level of the organisation.
¬ Synchronised screen view in workshops, computers and smartphones.

02/ Master and operating plan

Application for master management.
¬ C# desktop software application which generates optimal scenarios according to necessary constraints.
¬ Dynamic interactive simulation which allows tasks and resources to be automatically adjusted.
¬ Customised detailed reports, planning image sheets, simulation data, graphics and tables.

03/ Management of materials and tool

Tools and materials flow management in the manufacturing plant.
¬ Shared database system to control cannibalised elements.
¬ Materials flow management in a single application with standard reports.
¬ Creation, elimination and deletion.

04/ Action and outstanding task management

Open issues management on the parking apron.
¬ Centralised SQLite database system with assistance.
¬ Assistance for meetings:

  • Tracking of outstanding actions according to outstanding TLB points
  • Automated generation of meeting minutes and short-term plan reports

05/ Batch data management

Development of quality control applications.
¬ Quality incident management.
¬ Information system shared among all stakeholders.
¬ Interface with other systems.

06/ Quality incident management

Design and development of applications for tablets.
¬ Inspection support which includes technical documentation and camera to illustrate damages.
¬ Communications interface with other IT tools that allows recorded information to be downloaded.
¬ Reduction of more than 75% in the total time needed to describe and manage inspection incidents and generate automated reports.

Aerospace manufacturing / Projects

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Ángel Lucena

Ángel Lucena

Industrial Engineering Director
Jorge Moñino

Jorge Moñino

Manufacturing Engineering Director


AERTEC stellt auf der EUROSATORY seine militärischen Fähigkeiten im Bereich der Luftfahrttechnologie vor
TARSIS-Technologie für unbemannte Mehrzwecksysteme auf der UNVEX 2024
AERTEC präsentiert seine Technologie für die Elektrifizierung von Flugzeugen und vernetzte Cockpits auf der AIX Hamburg
Die Technologie von AERTEC wird Teil des Triebwerks für FCAS sein
AERTEC präsentiert ein neues Galileo-basiertes Navigationssystem für UAS