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Software applications

Powerful, intuitive and tailor-made tools to optimise our clients’ processes (Visual Studio and C#-based technologies).

Technology solutions for aerospace industry

Thanks to our extensive experience in the aerospace industry, we offer customised technology solutions to key industry players: original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers. 

01/ Visual management of digitisation tool

Viewing the status of manufacturing plant processes.
¬ Manufacturing process monitoring, including suppliers’ outstanding work.
¬ Uniformity and customisation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets that must be reached by each level of the organisation.
¬ Synchronised screen view in workshops, computers and smartphones.

02/ Master and operating plan

Application for master management.
¬ C# desktop software application which generates optimal scenarios according to necessary constraints.
¬ Dynamic interactive simulation which allows tasks and resources to be automatically adjusted.
¬ Customised detailed reports, planning image sheets, simulation data, graphics and tables.

03/ Management of materials and tool

Tools and materials flow management in the manufacturing plant.
¬ Shared database system to control cannibalised elements.
¬ Materials flow management in a single application with standard reports.
¬ Creation, elimination and deletion.

04/ Action and outstanding task management

Open issues management on the parking apron.
¬ Centralised SQLite database system with assistance.
¬ Assistance for meetings:

  • Tracking of outstanding actions according to outstanding TLB points
  • Automated generation of meeting minutes and short-term plan reports

05/ Batch data management

Development of quality control applications.
¬ Quality incident management.
¬ Information system shared among all stakeholders.
¬ Interface with other systems.

06/ Quality incident management

Design and development of applications for tablets.
¬ Inspection support which includes technical documentation and camera to illustrate damages.
¬ Communications interface with other IT tools that allows recorded information to be downloaded.
¬ Reduction of more than 75% in the total time needed to describe and manage inspection incidents and generate automated reports.

Aerospace manufacturing / Projects

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Ángel Lucena

Ángel Lucena

Industrial Engineering Director
Jorge Moñino

Jorge Moñino

Manufacturing Engineering Director


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