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Aviation consultancy

We advise our clients before they make the most important decision of all: whether the investment will be profitable or not.

Optimization of time, cost and quality

AERTEC offers specialised aeronautics consultancy services for a large number of clients in the aviation industry: airport operators, service providers, airlines, government agencies, investors and financial institutions.

We have thorough knowledge of the airport industry, and we make this knowledge available to our clients in order to help them define, develop and implement the best business strategy.

We have extensive experience in more than 160 airports around the world and we actively participate in the major industry associations. This enables us to fully understand the challenges and needs of our clients.

We study each airport’s projects long before the facilities are planned. We analyse the possibilities, the business plan, the possible management models, the growth forecasts and the existing demand for the routes that will be offered.

This aviation consultancy is not limited to the development of airport infrastructure, but also includes consultancy in the areas of security, operations, technical and financial audits, etc.

Industry-specific studies

AERTEC supports aviation industry clients with a broad range of consultancy services geared at developing strategic policies and programmes related to both aviation (airports and airlines) and the aeronautical industry, such as regulation, industry analyses, planning and strategic consultancy.


Our extensive expertise in infrastructure development projects at an international level and our capacity modelling capabilities enables us to provide a first-class tailored masterplanning service for both greenfield airport initiatives and existing operational airports. We apply feasibility and sustainability principles to the planning and development options of an airfield, terminal areas, car parks or surface access to deliver robust solutions from an operational, technical, environmental and economic perspective.

Traffic forecasts

Realistic and attainable traffic forecasts are one of the essential factors to ensure the success of an airport development. We offer a clear outlook on the future backed by robust analytics based on an in-depth investigation of the area serviced by the airport, along with a thorough understanding and assessment of the rapidly changing air transport industry.

Business advice

Business planning and analysis of key airport business parameters, such as aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue streams, operating costs, EBITDA and capital expenses, risk identification and areas where value can be added.

When making investments or looking for the best possible performance, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of all the factors involved in the airport business and its processes.

At AERTEC we are familiar with the airport business and the factors and stakeholders that affect it, as well as the interactions between them.

Our experience in this field includes clients whose objective is the sale of infrastructure (Sell Side) as well as those who intend to buy it (Buy Side).

AERTEC / People working

Transaction consultancy

AERTEC provides independent advice on airport transactions backed by its thorough knowledge of the aviation industry and provides real value across the entire transaction process through a broad range of professional services.

Aside from delving into key business processes, we offer advice and support to specific sectors in basic aspects connected to the transaction process, such as analysing business opportunities, assessing risks, comparative assessments and evaluating operational performance.

Feasibilty studies

AERTEC has an unparalleled track record of successful technical and financial feasibility studies for both greenfield airport initiatives and major development projects at existing operational airports. Our comprehensive technical expertise in airport infrastructure, operations, services and systems, coupled with our business advisory expertise, deliver real value across the full range of key drivers of a successful project implementation.


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