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Aerospace & Defence Systems

Full assistance for our clients in the specification, development, manufacture, test systems and support of aeronautical systems. 

Improvisation is not an option in aeronautics. Everything has to be designed and tested in thousands of different circumstances and its reliability demonstrated. AERTEC Solutions’ Aerospace and Defence Systems Division has addressed the requirement of technological reliability by focusing both on the functionality of the solutions designed with its in-house technology as well as on aircraft systems test infrastructure.

We are in charge of specifying, developing, manufacturing and providing support to aeronautical systems (both embedded and ground support systems), in addition to creating software and integrating it into automated test and maintenance systems.

We have our own centre measuring 1500 square metres, which is fully equipped with real-time development environments to carry out the design, implementation and validation of both prototypes and limited series products. It is located at the “Aerópolis” Aeronautics Park in Seville, Spain.

The depth of our knowledge about aerospace systems and our extensive experience in systems engineering are the pillars upon which our offering in technological development and production in the aerospace area is based. They also ensure we are an outstanding choice for both civil and defence platforms.

Aerospace & Defence Systems / Projects


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