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i-Workbench is a delimited workspace where, in addition to his or her resources and tools, the operator has a contextualisable digital aid for each task, with the added value of being able to display additional information in the same environment.

Solution for the digitization of operator workstations.

i-Workbench simplifies, enhances and speeds up industrial tasks such as cable harness manufacturing, assembly of parts and installation of equipment by providing direct access to the workstation’s information system through digital interactive production orders.

i-Workbench is an industrial production system that is already operational and implemented for the manufacture of aviation cable harnesses.


Benefits of i-Workbench:

Custom operator design



i-Workbench is an efficient solution for manufacturing processes that reduces costs and improves final quality.

i-workbench is protected by the patent ES2443265, US9338936.

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