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RPAS simulation environment

A simulation environment that is totally adaptable to the user’s needs, in terms of performance, number of workstations, type of installation, functions and many other variables that can be defined by the end user.

The AERTEC Solutions simulation environment plays a key role in the use of an RPAS. Its main essential functions are:

  • Preparing and training new crews and operators of other unmanned systems.
  • Further training and operational improvement for existing crews.
  • Preparation and testing of missions to be carried out, especially when dealing with medium or high complexity missions.


  • Allows the simulation of a generic EO payload with basic controls, manual movement, zoom, positioning/geotracking, etc.
  • Allows a CONOPS analysis to be carried out based on a highly representative and realistic operational scenario.
  • Allows an evaluation of the suitability of complex RPA missions, with the ability to study each element of the mission separately or in combination with other elements.
  • Allows missions to be planned in detail taking into account not only their locations and points of interest, but also the times involved, in order to work on the coordination and communications of the operations team.
  • Allows practical training in RPA piloting, and can be used to demonstrate the training of new pilots as well as to maintain the skills of pilots already accredited to fly a specific RPA system.

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