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Information for the airport.
Total interaction for the guest.

ATIKA (Airport Touchscreen Information Kiosk Assistant) is a multi-platform, multi-device system designed to provide passengers, airports and concessionaires with interactive, real-time information.

At an airport, many guest-related events occur that are not taken into account by any system. The collection and analysis of these events provides information that is relevant for both the airport and the airport guest.

ATIKA (Airport Touchscreen Information Kiosk Assistant) enables the collection of this information and turns it into personalized and interactive information in real time, allowing the guest to decide when to interact with the system and what device to use for this purpose.

ATIKA enhances the guest journey experience and helps the airport improve its performance.

ATIKA improves the passenger travel experience

Continuous improvement for the airport

AERTEC's ATIKA dashboard

ATIKA is a complete, scalable system that can be adapted to each airport, that allows for more efficient airport service management and noticeably improves passenger experience at the same time.

ATIKA Airport Touchscreen Information Kiosk Assistant

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Carlos Berenguer

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