Innovation in airport management and the passenger experience

At AERTEC Solutions we conceive airports as a space where people, aircraft and services companies coexist. Priorities can be an origin, a destination, a timetable or a connecting flight. Airports are an environment which should ensure all stakeholders safe, quick, flexible and profitable operations.

In the airport management and passenger experience areas, the innovation initiatives we undertake are geared at using new technologies to optimise airport processes, air transport and boosting their efficiency.

Integra Project (CDTI / 2008-2011)
Area of innovation: Passenger flow control / Operations support


This project was led by Telvent. AERTEC Solutions contributed its extensive experience in airport processes, infrastructures and security technologies to conduct an analysis of the movement of people in airport environments and subsequently to design and run tests on INTEGRA’s different demonstrating elements in a real environment.

Atrapa Project (2010-2013)
Area of innovation: Passenger flow control

AERTEC Solutions led this joint project with the companies MCRIT and PROMAUT to develop a real-time management system designed to provide risk and contingency analyses that evaluate the impact on the different stakeholders involved in airport management.

SESAR Joint Undertaking
Area of innovation: Passenger flow control / Operations support

As a member of the VERITAS international consortium, AERTEC Solutions took part in lot 5 as a permanent Associate Partner. The company carried out modelling and validation support tasks for several SESAR projects in accordance with the E-OCVM methodology. 

New concepts and systems validation concerning:

  • Network operation plans
  • Airport operations
  • Trajectory management
  • Aircraft separation modes
  • System-Wide Information Management (SWIM)


  • Definition of validation systems according to the E-OCVM methodology.
  • Platform requirements and testing tool specifications for simulations, along with real-time and speeded-up simulation.

Implementation of tools to manage stressful situations in order to reduce their complexity through strategic distrust measurements within the new ATM system.