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A technology tool designed to digitize, control, and monitor different airport processes in real time.

Airports are composed of different and interconnected systems that execute multiple, complex management processes. As a result, airport management leans on technology and continuous improvement as allies for efficiency and increase of income.

AERTASK is a technology tool developed by airport experts, designed to digitize, control, and monitor different airport processes, such as: Cleaning, Passenger Boarding Bridges, Persons with reduced mobility (ADA), Operations, and Maintenance.

AERTASK’s management capacities include:

AERTASK is a web-based multi-platform tool, with an app version for mobile devices. It allows for the monitoring, analysis, and measurement of processes in real time. It allows for different levels of access and specific permissions according to a profile: Operator, Supervisor, and Adm (usual profiles), and also it is possible to make individual profiles.

The structure of the system allows for the maintenance of a robust core and architecture with common functions, along with a specific vertical layer for each activity, allowing for rapid adaptation for each airport process and reducing the level of individualization.

100% adaptable to each airport processes

AERTASK is 100% adaptable to processes (business rules) based on the requirements of the airport (operations, services, maintenance, planning, etc.). Moreover, it is integrated with operational systems (AODB, RMS, etc.) to assure the integrity of information and automation in the creation of activities.

According to the needs of each airport (frequency and precision), the tool has sensors from various technologies that collect the necessary data. Example: Control of bathroom usage by means of counting persons, geo-location to detect which operator is closest to the incident, etc.

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Carlos Berenguer

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