Especificación técnica para “Industrial Services” en la A400M FTC

Manufacturing engineering
Technical consultancy / Operations
Date: 2009-ongoing
Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space

The service has been outsourced. AERTEC’s PMOs are therefore located at the client’s facilities and integrated into the work teams. Services:

¬ Logistical coordination for all aircraft for any need

¬ Requesting the procurement manager for delivery of equipment/parts needed for the aircraft

¬ Attending weekly A400M programme meetings (in headquarters), where claims, returns and any equipment changes in aircraft are coordinated

¬ Attending daily MSN 2 and MSN 4 industrial meetings

¬ Coordinating the different departments (production, configuration quality, manufacturing engineering, etc.) to ensure urgent flows are correctly dealt with in SAP

¬ Returning equipment and parts to the Procurement Manager

¬ Managing flows of materials between FAL in Seville and FTC in Toulouse: testing tools and instrumentation, equipment located in the Toulouse spare parts warehouse, loans and cannibalised parts

¬ Preparing all the logistics for campaigns abroad (Sweden, Peru, South Africa, Asia, etc.): spare parts in the aircraft (fly-away kit), necessary tools, transport, customs, AOG (aircraft on ground) during campaigns or testing: special transport, cranes, awnings, etc.

¬ Providing FTC Toulouse with support for anything they may have from Seville

¬ Coordinating all transfers of the materials needed when MSN2 or MSN4 go to Toulouse

¬ Managing shipments in means of transport to and from Toulouse and Seville on a daily basis

Work phases

¬ Initiation: Identification of the requirements and analysis of possibilities for completion

¬ Development: Carrying out planned tasks. Monitoring and reporting the progress of activities

¬ Closure: Formalising the project’s closure

Scope of work

¬ Providing support to the aircraft team manager and operational managers regarding each aircraft’s day-to-day needs

¬ Attending periodic monitoring meetings and programme status reporting

¬ Setting the main KPIs

¬ Hangar layouts

¬ Monitoring and distribution of the stock of wheels, rims and tyres

¬ Inventory review of flight test equipment warehouse

¬ Checking regularisations made by Toulouse

¬ Monitoring GSE files and tools loaned and received by the FTC

¬ Checking FTA

¬ Checking equipment in MRSA

¬ Checking stock, older than a month, in LTK aircraft materials hangar

¬ Maintenance analysis and subsequent actions

¬ Checking stock of consumable materials for AyG

¬ Reviewing outstanding points with Coordination’s support

¬ Closing orders

¬ Drawing up master list

¬ Drawing up EDTF report

¬ FTC e-room stock

¬ Preparing retrofit meetings

¬ EDTF meetings, minutes and actions

¬ Retrofit meetings, minutes and actions

¬ Attending interdepartmental N3 meetings

¬ Attending MSN2 industrial meetings

¬ Attending MSN4 industrial meetings

¬ Attending N1 meetings

¬ Taking part in lean manufacturing enhancement projects

¬ Reviewing working parties’ SIs