Logística y organización industrial para la nueva planta de Airbus en Harbin (China)

 Ingeniería industrial
Asesoramiento técnico de operaciones
Lugar: Harbin (China)
Fecha: 2010 – en curso
Cliente: AIRBUS

Logistics and Industrial Organisation of the new Airbus plant in Harbin (China).

This project consists of designing, via lean manufacturing techniques, the industrial and logistics organisation of all the processes corresponding to the manufacturing and assembly of subsystems belonging to the A320 and A350 XWB programmes. At the start of this project, a study was conducted of the logistics and industrial organisation of the assembly area of the new Airbus plant in Harbin. It was subsequently extended to include the rest of the plant’s sections, covering in this case the definition of all the plant’s internal logistics processes.

Apart from all the work connected with industrial and logistics organisation, an analytical and physical simulation was conducted on the capacity of all the machinery and manual processes within the plant. Implementation work on the logistics processes thus defined is currently being carried out.


  • Conceptual design of the plant
  • Development of industrial and logistics organisation
  • Detailed definition and development of procedures
  • Implementation of the processes defined and exchange of information


  • Industrial organisation analysis
  • Study of industrial means
  • Study of logistics flows
  • Logistics operations manual
  • Analysis of production line supplies
  • Analysis of the manual lay-up area
  • Proposal to locate leak test verification machinery and consumable dispensing machines
  • Estimation of workers’ needs with regard to manufacturing processes and internal logistics processes
  • Evolution of the plant’s layout based on operating needs


  • One hangar measuring 25,300m2
  • Offices measuring 3,400m2
  • Manufacturing and Assembly divided into
  • 8 sections, including clean room for manufacturing composite material
  • Eight bridge cranes of 5 and 10mT with a free hook height of 8.4m