Estudio viabilidad para adaptar hangares a mantenimiento A400M, Sevilla (España)

Industrial engineering
Feasibility study
Date: 2011
Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space

Feasibility study of the current P3-ORION maintenance hangars to carry out future maintenance on Airbus A400M aircraft, La Maestranza Aerea, Seville (Spain)

This study consisted of analysing the situation of the existing infrastructure of the two P3-ORION hangars with a view to their possible use to maintain A400M aircraft, as well as proposing alternatives should they turn out to be unsuitable for the aircraft’s requirements.

Work phases

¬ Information gathering and data collection

¬ Drawing up the feasibility study

¬ Proposal for solutions

Scope of work

¬ Geometric siting verification of the A-400M aircraft

¬ Study of the building’s suitability

¬ Study of the ancillary facilities’ suitability

Proposal of technical solutions

¬ Extension of the hangar by adding 5 sections having a total height in the hangar’s new section of 27m

¬ Dismantling of the hangar’s façade

¬ Demolition of the hangar’s existing access ramp and new access ramp for the enlarged hangar

¬ New sectionalised sliding door for the hangar

¬ Extension of workshop/office area

¬ New fire protection facilities defined according to the NFPA 409 Standard on aircraft with fuel

¬ Refurbishment of the hangar’s low-voltage electricity installation

¬ New bridge crane with similar features as the existing crane to cover the hangar extension at a greater height than the rest to house the aircraft’s tail section

¬ Installation of a lightning rod

¬ Refurbishment of the plumbing installation to provide water outlets to the hangar and new pits

¬ Refurbishment of the compressed air installation to provide outlets to the hangar and new pits

¬ Refurbishment of the voice and data installation to provide RJ-45 sockets to the hangar and new pits

¬ Enlargement of the lighting installation