Centro logístico de Santa Olalla en Getafe (España)

Industrial engineering
Date: 2010
Client: LTK

The Santa Olalla Logistics Centre serves the Airbus Military plant in Getafe in which the tanker conversions of the A330 commercial aircraft (A330 MRTT programme) are performed. The centre is managed by the logistics operator LTK and is mainly used to store the dismantled elements of the aircraft, along with the materials and tools to perform the conversion process.

The logistics study performed by AERTEC Solutions defined the appropriate packaging for handling and management of the parties, the review of the warehouse layout due to the need to optimise space utilization, and the preparation of the technical specifications of the service to be provided by the logistics operator.

Project developed in the following phases:

¬ Study of space optimisation with current packaging

¬ Analysis of information flows

¬ Study of packaging

¬ Study of space optimisation for new packaging

¬ Preparation of the technical specification