Organización logística e industrial para la línea de montaje final (FAL) del CN235/C295

Ingeniería industrial
Asesoramiento técnico
Fecha: 2005 – 2009
Cliente: AIRBUS Military

Industrial and logistics organisation of the CN235/C295 aircraft Final Assembly Line (FAL).

This project consisted of designing the industrial and logistics organisation of the CN235/C295 aircraft assembly plant through lean manufacturing techniques. The organisation was  studied in detail for stations, thereby avoiding wastage caused in manufacturing process as much as possible.

In addition, AERTEC collaborated in the planning, definition and final management of the manufacturing facility’s transfer from the old San Pablo Norte plant to the new facility in San Pablo Sur, which is located adjacent to the A400M FAL, with which it shares several resources. It therefore took part in the final implementation of the industrial organisation thus defined and several enhancements were introduced in both the plant’s logistics as well as its organisation.

Work phases

  • Industrial organisation study
  • Internal logistics and supply study
  • Planning and setting out procedures for the transfer
  • Managing the transfer

Scope of work

  • Diagnosis of initial operating procedures
  • Definition of working hypotheses
  • Study of the assembly process’s organisation
  • Definition of logistics flows and means for the JIT supply chain
  • Design of general layout and stations
  • Planning, setting out procedures and management of the transfer, optimising resources and production targets

Technical data

  • One hangar measuring 15,300m2
  • Offices measuring 1,800m2
  • 4 workstations + 1 working party station
  • 10mT bridge cranes + a free hook height of 19m
  • 700 employees
  • External Logistics Centre (Aerópolis and La Isla Industrial Estate, Seville)
  • Supply by road transport
  • Lean development for supply management