Nuevas instalaciones de mantenimiento Royal Jordanian Airlines, Aman (Jordania)

Industrial engineering
Detailed design and works management
Date: 2011-ongoing
Client: Royal Jordanian Airlines

New aircrafts maintenance facilities for the Royal Jordanian Airlines. Queen Alia International Airport (Jordan)

The hangar has been designed for the current and future Royal Jordanian ́s fleet. In the hangar it will be performed maintenance operations from A check to C check. The number of workers in the hangar is 100 persons working in one shift. The list of aircrafts considered includes:

Current fleet: A340-200 / A330-200 / A310-200 / A321-200 / A320-200 / A319-200 / E195 / E175

Future aircrafts to be considered (as indicated in meeting and communications): B747-300 / B787-9 / A340-300 / A330-300 / A318

Work phases

¬ Aeronautical study

¬ Conceptual design

¬ Detailed design

¬ Providing assistance to works tendering

¬ Overseeing construction works

¬ Geotechnical study

¬ Models

¬ Walk/fly-through animation

¬ LEED requirements

Scope of work

Phase I / Hangar building

¬ Hangar measuring 84x94m2 Free height of 25.5m

¬ Workshops & storerooms (0 & 1st floors). Foundations and structures prepared for a future expansion by adding an additional floor (2nd floor)

¬ Hangar administrative offices (0 floor) and mezzanine for seat shop above offices (1st floor)

¬ Foundations and structures prepared for a future expansion by 2 additional floors (2nd & 3rd floors)

¬ Engine shop (0 level) for 4 gantries

Developed land

¬ Apron

¬ Roads to communicate buildings Complementary buildings and facilities

¬ Connection road to airport service road

Phase II / Engineering offices

¬ Two stories, hangar mezzanine (2nd & 3rd floors)

¬ Materials warehouse building (0 and 1st floor)

¬ Foundations and structures prepared for future expansion by an additional floor (2nd floor)

¬ Oxygen storehouse & Commercial & DGR store

Phase III / Air conditioning of previously built spaces in phase I and II