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Microdiode laser emitter at 2.1 microns

Laser microdiode to operate in band 1 developed by AERTEC Solutions during the project LASERONUAV, OB-Study under EDA (European Defence Agency) specifications.
Microdiodo láser de AERTEC Solutions

Different workstrands defined the project as:

Advances and results have been presented in EDA’s conference and other technological and defence events.

Microdiode Laser at 2.1 µm
Output power > 0.5 watts
Quality of beam, M2 < 1.5
Weight < 600 gr
Dimensions 100 x 60 x 60 mm
CW/Pulsed Modes of operation
Refrigeration solution integrated
Microdiodo láser de AERTEC Solutions

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Pedro Becerra

Pedro Becerra

Aerospace & Defence Corporate Director
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Rafael Márquez

Aerospace & Defence Systems Director