Temporary Pax Terminal Building design Jubail Airport (KSA)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu. Jubail Royal Commision. Detail Design and Issue for Bid. Passengers Terminal Building Design.

Date: 2019

The Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu commisioned the project of the Temporary Pax Terminal Building as part of the strategy in order to start the operations of the Jubail Airport. The Temporary Terminal shall hosts a maximum of 500.000 passengers per year, with a peak of 450 passengers per hour.The building shall be flexible enough to allocate the VIP terminal once the number of passengers reaches half million, with minor internal refurbishment and maintaining the complete structure and all facades in order to avoid a visual impact in the building or the surroundings.

The Temporary Pax Terminal Building is a complex building, not only due to its use, but due to nature of the commission as well.

Planning and Design

The developed detail design takes in account all the common uses in any terminal building, furthermore the design has provided to the final user enough flexibility to start the operations in a way to minimize the running costs and the personnel in the building being adaptated to the type of aircraft and destination, domestic or international. Additionally, each system has been designed to allow minor modifications and transform the building to a VIP terminal when the time comes.

Due to the extensive engineering and management expertise in these type of projects Aertec Solutions designed a very functional and flexible building, exceeding client expectations, based in local architecture with a contemporary concept adding susteneability values. All the above was achieved reducing the contract period from 33 to 18 weeks.