Hangar de mantenimiento en la Base Aérea de Almagro, Ciudad Real (España)

Industrial engineering
Drafting of construction design specifications
Date: 2007
Client: Army Infrastructures Directorate

The project consists of constructing a hangar adjacent to the runway to do maintenance work on “Tiger” helicopters in the Ciudad Real Army Base.

The document describes the different work units needed to build the hangar. It has a rectangular of floor layout and is distributed across two floors with a gross floor area of 4,313.86m2.

The central open-plan area to move and repair helicopters is worth pointing out.

Work phases

¬ Basic design

¬ Final design

Scope of work

¬ Industrial and office building

¬ Facilities

Technical data

¬ Surface area occupied by the building: 4,313.86m2

¬ Grossfloorarea:

  • Ground floor 4,313.86m2
  • Top floor 2,008.77m2
  • Total floor area 6,322.63m2

¬ Foundationsmadeofisolatedreinforced concrete footings braced with tie beams

¬ Metalstructureandfloorslabsmadeof 12 mm-thick composite decking and a reinforced concrete compression layer

¬ Secondarystructureforbridgecrane and outdoor gangway for roof maintenance

¬ Curvedmaingableroofmadeonsite with sandwich panels. Flat secondary perimeter deck roof

¬ Plumbingandsanitationforrainwater and wastewater

¬ Low-voltageelectricityandlighting

¬ Climatecontrolandventilation

¬ Voiceanddatainstallations

¬ Compressedair

¬ Fireprotectionfacilitiesinaccordance with NFPA criteria: water and foam ceiling sprinklers, infrared flame detectors, self-oscillating monitors, aspirating smoke detection system, portable fire extinguishers, carts, alarm system, etc.

¬ SecurityandPAsystem

¬ TVinstallationinofficearea

¬ Electromechanicalfacilities

¬ Solarthermalenergy