Expansion of terminal building at Brussels South Charleroi Airport (Belgium)

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Place: Brussels South Charleroi Airport (Belgium)

Date: 2013-2014

Client: BSCA (Brissels South Charleroi Airport)

Construction budget: € 62M

The expansion project of the terminal building at Charleroi Airport is one of the principal actions included in the new airport Masterplan, which was produced by AERTEC Solutions during 2012.

The main ideas used to generate the design of the building conform to the following three criteria:

¬ Provide continuity to the expansion space volumes with respect to the existing terminal.

¬ Optimise the processes within the building, by either refurbishing existing zones or designing the new zones in adequate locations.

¬ Provide natural lighting to the spaces where the principal processes are carried out.

Apart from these essential constraints, other criteria aspects were also taken into account during the design process, such as the flexibility of operation and the possibility of future expansion.