Improvisation is not an option in aeronautics. Everything has to be designed and tested in thousands of different circumstances and its reliability demonstrated. AERTEC Solutions’ Aerospace and Defence Systems Division has addressed the requirement of technological reliability by focusing both on the functionality of the solutions designed with its in-house technology as well as on aircraft systems test infrastructure.

Experts in technology applied to aeronautics.

We are in charge of specifying, developing, manufacturing and providing support to aeronautical systems (both embedded and ground support systems), in addition to creating software and integrating it into automated test and maintenance systems.

We have our own centre measuring 1500 square metres, which is fully equipped with real-time development environments to carry out the design, implementation and validation of both prototypes and limited series products. It is located at the “Aerópolis” Aeronautics Park in Seville, Spain.

The depth of our knowledge about aerospace systems and our extensive experience in systems engineering are the pillars upon which our offering in technological development and production in the aerospace area is based. They also ensure we are an outstanding choice for both civil and defence platforms.






AERTEC Solutions has played a significant role in RPAS projects with strict robustness and low energy consumption requirements for use in different areas in both the civil (traffic control, firefighting, agricultural holdings, etc.) and military (observation, surveillance and light weapons integration) fields, which require specific mission planning.

Our technological capability is focused on:

  • The development of optimum-trajectory Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) systems;
  • The development of embedded software;
  • The design and manufacture of aerial platforms with composite materials;
  • The development of embedded electronics capable of operating in extreme conditions (temperature, acceleration, redundancy, etc.);
  • The implementation of mission planning tools.




Guided systems



AERTEC Solutions has built up extensive knowledge about guided control high-dynamic aerial vehicle technologies based on the use of innovative sensors and electronic components. Our developments in this area began in 2009 and were a significant technical step forward, seeing as we have developed a small reduced-weight high-performance guidance kit that offers an alternative tailored solution to terminal guidance systems. It has the following outstanding features:

  • High performance (CEP<3 m);
  • Low cost;
  • Extensive use of COTS elements not subject to ITAR restrictions;
  • Terminal guidance supported by INS/GPS navigation for extended-range applications.

The following are among the main outcomes achieved:

  • Terminal SAL-based (Semi-Active Laser) guidance system technologies for missiles;
  • Control technologies for canard-type actuators;
  • Synchronisation techniques using pulsed infrared laser target designator.



Embedded systems 



As part of our spirit of technological innovation, we also supply critical systems and aeronautical software engineering services.

  • Electronic equipment and hardware
  • Software



Test systems and test benches



We supply bespoke test equipment, which includes specification, design, manufacturing, fine-tuning and also support. These activities cover the management of all the necessary test infrastructure, ranging from data collection to the manufacturing of wiring arrays and connections linking the different subsystems.

  • Laboratory
  • Development
  • Test & support




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