Mejora y adaptación a recomendaciones de OACI de proyectos de pistas de rodaje en Aeropuerto de Fuerteventura (España)

Airports planning & design
Airfields > Runway and associated taxiways
Place: Jerez Airport, Cadiz (Spain)
Date: 2008
Client: AENA Aeropuertos

The Fuerteventura’s Airport is located at the Canarias Islands (Spain). This Airport has suffered a very strong increase of its number of passengers during the last years. Consequently, the infrastructures of the Airport have to be remodeled according with the growth mentioned above.

This project consisted on the resurfaced of both TWY A and B in order to increase the strength of the pavement which was clearly not enough for the current aircraft traffic. Additionally, both TWY A and B had to be adapted to ICAO SARPS.

The works carried out by AERTEC regarding this project consisted on an On Site Supervision of the construction.

The duties undertaken by AERTEC during the construction phase could be summarized as follows:

¬ Checking geometrical measurements of the units accordingly with the bill of quantities and inform immediately to AENA in case of any deviations;

¬ Checking the construction methods to be carried out by the contractor and propose improvements regarding those methods;

¬ Contractor’s plans monitoring and supervision monthly reports;

¬ Checking Contractors progress applications for payment and preparing Interim Valuations for payment;

¬ Enforce the contractor to carry out all necessary tests needed;

¬ Analyse those tests and propose corrective actions in case that the tests are unacceptable.

Finally, the commissioning procedures and the analysis of the readiness to put in operation the TWYS was managed by AERTEC.

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