Embedded SW for DEU 4.0 CCDS C&C Digitalization System

AIRBUS / Cabin & cargo electronics

Fecha: 2019 – 2020

The product is an add-on system, providing wireless and data collecting functionalities to the existing Cabin Intercommunication Data System. SW according to DAL D.

Management of:

  • Wireless Handset: Calls between Mobile Crew Devices
  • Cabin Data Collection: Collect Sensor Data, Data logger (including middle line bus), Data filtering, Send Info to FOMAX (ground station) and SKYWISE
  • Remote Cabin Control: Control via Mobile Crew Device (AAP), AIP (Attendant Information Panel) & AAP (Additional, Attendant Panel) visualization and CAN bus
  • Maintenance functions: Data loading, Configuration and Testing


Key features

  • Embedded SW over YOCTO-OS
  • GitLab CI/CD (continous integration/continous delivery)
  • Docker container for microservices: Reliability, Scalable, modular, able to updates, language independent programmed
  • REDIS for internal communication between microservices
  • KAITAI data parsing
  • MQTT technology for intercommunication (PUB/SUB)
  • Web interface for Cabin Crew Devices
  • Web interface for Maintenance functions


  • Part of CIDS (Cabin Intercommunication Data System)
  • Wifi, FOMAX, Serial, SPI, Bluetooth LE
  • API WebApp: Flask
  • Publish/Subscribe Protocol based on REDIS and MQTT

Methodology Used (Design, Development and Manufacturing)

  • Agile methodology
  • DOORS requirement management
  • Git repositories
  • CI/CD
  • Microservices
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