DEU 4.0 CCDM / industrialization

AIRBUS / Cabin & cargo electronics

Fecha: 2019 – 2020

CCDM (Cabin & Cargo Digitalization Module) development to provide an extension for DEU-B systems by adding new interfaces and functionalities located on the new module. The product will be integrated in DEU4.0 housing and proposed for a future industrialization. HW according to DAL-C.

The product consists on an electronic board based on an independent power supply unit (protections, redundancy, monitoring and control) and interfaces isolation that integrates: Wifi Modules, Wireless IoT Module (WAIC), SoM (System on Module), Bi-directional Audio Interface, CAN bus, Ethernet module. PoE, Data Interface to Middle-Line DIRECTOR.

Functionalities: Wireless Handset, Cabin Data Collection, Remote Cabin Control, Maintenance functions.


Key features

  • Industrialization
  • Board design oriented to qualification test.
  • Power Management.
  • SPI (Short power Interruption)
  • Protection in case of power failure
  • SoM (System on Module).


  • Part of CIDS(Cabin Intercommunication Data System)
  • Wifi, CAN, UART, SPI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, PCIe, I2S, WAIC, GPIOs

Methodology Used (Design, Development and Manufacturing)

  • Agile methodology
  • DOORS requirement management
  • MENTOR for HW design
  • Rapid prototyping


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