Connected Cabin Onboard Data Manager (ODM)

Connected Cabin Onboard Data Manager (ODM)

AIRBUS / Cabin & cargo electronics

Fecha: 2019 – 2020

Onboard Data Manager (ODM), as part of the Airbus digitalization campaign for cabin and cargo, has been developed to manage all data generated by the new IoT-based cabin modules as well as crew or other mobile user devices.

ODM product, hosted on ALNA, gathers, filters and stores all available onboard data and makes it accessible for user group on-board. It also implements data protection and data access control functions.


Key features:

  • Airbus connected cabin data architecture design
  • MQTT v5.0 technology for intercommunication
  • Data nexus of all Airbus connected cabin and cargo modules (lavatory, galley, seat…)
  • Based on Docker container technology
  • Embedded server
  • REDIS and PostgreSQL for data storage
  • ARM architecture support


  • ODM Communications Protocol (on top of MQTT v5.0)
  • Part of ALNA (Airline Network Architecture)
  • Part of HESU Open SW Platform & DataBird.Mesh box
  • Compatible with Airbus Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • Compatible with Smart Mesh IP
  • Integration with Airbus SkyWise

Methodology Used (Design, Development and Manufacturing):

Agile methodology, SW rapid prototyping, Git repositories, CI/CD, Unit Testing, Scalable, modular, Remote sw updates (Docker).


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