Connected Cabin / DataBird.MESH

Connected cabin / DataBird.MESH

AIRBUS / Cabin & cargo electronics

Fecha: 2020 – actualidad

The DataBird.MESH, as part of the Airbus digitalization campaign for cabin and cargo, it’s a novel multi-purpose HW platform focused on Cabin Data Collection.

The main goal of this project was to run a custom application (ODM) in TQ DataBird.MESH Board using the OpenSynergy COQOS Hypervisor / Virtual Machine.

To achieve this goal, it was created a complete and fully dockerized CI/CD pipeline around the YOCTO and COQOS build process using GitLab and Artifactory as infrastructure.


Key features

  • OpenSynergy – COQOS Hypervisor
  • TQ DataBird.MESH custom hardware
  • AERTEC ODM (On-Board Data Manager)
  • CI/CD Build, Deploy and Test custom binary images
  • Distributed & Parallel builds
  • Yocto Project
  • Fully dockerized pipelines
  • ARM architecture support
  •  Jfrog Artifactory integration


  • ODM Communications Protocol (on top of MQTT v5.0)
  • Part of ALNA (Airline Network Architecture)
  • Integration with Airbus SkyWise

Methodology Used (Design, Development and Manufacturing)

  • Agile methodology
  • SW rapid prototyping
  • Git repositories
  • CI/CD
  • Unit Testing
  • Scalable, modular, fast sw updates (Docker)


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