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Technical advisory for the fifth wave of airport privatization (Brazil)

Technical advisory for the fifth wave of airport privatization (Brazil)

Technical advisory for the new privatization Lille Airport (France)

Technical advisory for the new privatization Lille Airport (France)

Advisory services for increasing capacity Humberto Delgado International Airport (Portugal)

Advisory services for increasing capacity Humberto Delgado International Airport (Portugal)

Sell side advisory for the concession El Dorado II Airport (Colombia)

Sell side advisory for the concession El Dorado II Airport (Colombia)

Technical Advisory Services Terminal A Redevelopment Newark Liberty International Airport (USA)

Technical Advisory Services Terminal A Redevelopment Newark Liberty International Airport (USA)

Technical Advisory Services for Denver Great Hall Project Denver International Airport (USA)

Technical Advisory Services for Denver Great Hall Project Denver International Airport (USA)

colombia airport

Pre-feasibility study for the concession of four airports under a PPP framework (Colombia)

Queen Alia Airport

Real estate study for Queen Alia International Airport (Jordan)

dominican republic airport

Technical & operational analysis for the development of six airports (Dominican Republic)

airport marti

Technical, economic and financial transaction advisory services for José Martí Airport and San Antonio Baños airfield (Havana, Cuba)

Arabia saudi airport

Temporary Pax Terminal Building design Jubail Airport (KSA)

Fuerteventura Airport New BHS (Spain)

Fuerteventura Airport New BHS (Spain)

Cargo terminal design El Prat-Barcelona Airport (Spain)

Cargo terminal design El Prat-Barcelona Airport (Spain)

Engineering Support Amey (UK)

Engineering Support Amey (UK)

Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell Airport

Certification Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell Airport

TARSIS RPAS Light Aerial Platform

Masterplan for Brussels South Charleroi Airport (Belgium)

ORAT´s airside manager at Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)

Audit of AGL and other systems at Queen Alia International Airport, Amman (Jordan)

Study, analysis and strategic plan of the aeronautical industry in Portugal

Air Traffic Control Tower at Charleroi Airport Brussels (Belgium)

Basic design for tender bid for the airfield expansion at Kuwait International Airport

Integral manufacturing engineering service in the A400M final assembly line of Airbus Military

Study and design of AGL and NavAids system at Guernsey Airport (United Kingdom)

Specialist airfield expertise

Preliminary expansion and AGL renewal Tocumen International Airport (Panama)

Preparation, implementation and maintenance of the Safety Management System at Palma de Mallorca Airport (Spain)

Industrial and logistics org. of hangars to convert A330 commercial aircraft into MRTT

Highly equipped guidance / Control, guidance and navigation kit

Autopilot for unmanned surface vehicles (USV)

Arturo Merino Benitez Airport, Santiago (Chile)

Full In Service Support (FISS) – Operations review

Tooling management system

Industrial organisation A400M FAL & CN235/C295 FAL External Logistics Centre

Industrial and logistics organisation A400M FAL

Logistics model and technical specifications for logistics operator of Alestis Aerospace programmes (Spain)

Technical specifications for the A330 MRTT programme logistics operator warehousing service

AGUILAS / Application to control and monitor production operations on the A400M FAL

Concept design, development and implementation A400M FAL external logistics & operations

EJ-200 engine test bench, Moron de la Frontera Airbase, Seville (Spain)

Technical support for tactical planning of supply to the A400M factory floor

Santa Olalla Logistics Centre, Getafe (Spain)

New manufacturing area for machining components of Airbus D&S (Poland)

Maintenance of logistics planning service of A400M FAL factory floor

Specialist ICT expertise

Creation of the tender presented by a national logistics operator for the selection of operation services of a logistics centre in Seville (Spain)

Logistics planning of the factory floor and industrial org. of CN235/C295 FAL, Seville (Spain)

Analysis of logistics requirements for SK3000 plant at Aeropolis Business Park Seville (Spain)

Logistics model and logistics operator specifications for A350 XWB programme

Industrial services – A400M Flight Test Centre

Industrial organisation and logistics planning of factory floor for A400M FAL San Pablo, Seville (Spain)

Quality management service – A400M Delivery Centre

Advisory services during preparation of proposal for future logistics model of EADS-CASA MTAD

Composite manufacturing centre – Layout review

Passenger flow analysis & design of the new Gibraltar Airport terminal

New terminal building and civil apron at Gibraltar Airport (United Kingdom)

Studies of expansion of Almagro Air Base (Spain)

Works of improvement of the airfield of Zaragoza Airport (Spain)

AGL & NavAids, safety works and runway rehabilitation at City of Derry Airport (United Kingdom)

Extension of the runway-parallel taxiway and extension of the apron at Valencia Airport (Spain)

Project management and concept design, UAS Center of testing CEUS (Spain)

Procurement of surveillance systems at Belfast International & Cardiff airports (United Kingdom)

MV ring alterations at Dublin Airport (Republic of Ireland)

ILS relocation at Dublin Airport (Republic of Ireland)

New RESAs at Kerry Airport (Republic of Ireland)

Apron redesign at Kerry Airport (Republic of Ireland)

Apron extension at Luton Airport (United Kingdom)

Runway resurfacing and associated works at Birmingham Airport (United Kingdom)

Edinburgh Airport stands development (United Kingdom)

Runway and apron expansion Fuerteventura Airport (Spain)

Update/maintenance of aeronautical emergency plan, Malaga Airport (Spain)

Consultancy works & ORAT management of Lleida-Alguaire Airport (Spain)

Technical assessment on Heliduero heliports, Castilla La Mancha / Castilla León (Spain)

Technical study to legalise the heliport at Formigal, Huesca (Spain)

Les Guilleries – Sant Hilari heliport, Girona (Spain)

Heliport at Jerez de la Frontera Hospital, Cadiz (Spain)

Legalisation of the heliport at Tremp Hospital, Lleida (Spain)

Public heliport network for the Andalusian Emergency Services (Spain)

Elevated heliport at Virgen del Rocio Hospital, Seville (Spain)

Authorisation of Palma del Rio Aerodrome for public use, Cordoba (Spain)

Adaptation of the heliport at Malaga Airport (Spain)

Improvement and adaptation to ICAO SARPS of Taxiways A-B project at Fuerteventura Airport (Spain)

Construction of taxiway connect to threshold 21 at Jerez Airport (Spain)

Detailed design for the adaptation to ICAO SARPS of RWY 08-26 at South Tenerife Airport (Spain)

AGL on-site support at Guernsey Airport (United Kingdom)

Masterplan Antequera Airport (Spain)

Study of air routes at Seville Airport and marketing plan, Sevilla Airport (Spain)

Report/diagnostic of Andalusian aeronautical industry (Spain)

Operational Safety experts

Technical specification for industrial services at the A400M Flight Test Centre

Technical specification for industrial coordination support service at A400M FTC

Operational planning of the A400M FAL

A330 MRTT – Conversion planning & production control

Planning, production control and REC components management for the A400M FAL

Operational planning, production control & coverage management A400M FAL

Operational planning and production control – A400M Flight Test Centre

Planning and production control – EDV programme

Planning and production – FSTA programme

Processes improvement in all programs of AIRBUS D&S in Spain

Flap support fairing A400M planning, reporting and risk management

Development of operating procedures for LTK´s logistics Centre, Seville (Spain)

Development of internal logistics of new production plant, Seville (Spain)

Comprehensive study on industrial organisation A330 MRTT, Getafe (Spain)

ATLAS Experimental Flight Centre, Jaen (Spain)

A350 Belly Fairing industrial engineering

Feasibility study of hangars to carry out A400M maintenance, Seville (Spain)

New aircrafts maintenance facilities, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Aman (Jordan)

New maintenance hangar for CN235/C295 aircraft, Accra (Ghana)

Maintenance hangar for 12 Eurofighter aircrafts, Moron Air Base (Spain)

Engineering, mechanical and electrical services; Framework agreement

Two multifunctional buildings, Aeronautical Services Park, BCN Airport (Spain)

Industrial plant for Alestis, Cadiz (Spain)

Upgrading of Airbus assembly building II, Puerto Real, Cadiz (España)

Upgrading the Special Processes Building for the A350 S19RTM programme, Getafe (Spain)

Maintenance hangar for the Almagro Base, Ciudad Real (Spain)

Test bench for TP-400 engines, Moron Air Base, Seville (Spain)

Test bench for EJ-200 engines, Moron Air Base, Seville (Spain)

Logistics centre for A400M aircraft, Seville (Spain)

Aeronautical logistics centre for A380 aircraft, Puerto Real, Cadiz (Spain)

Planning and relocation management of the CN235 / C295 FAL

New main electrical substation at Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)

Maintenance audit of visual aids at Hamad International Airport, Doha (Qatar)

Management of ICAO certification for Palma de Mallorca Airport (Spain)

Management of ICAO certification at Lleida-Alguaire Airport (Spain)

Engineering services at Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)

New cargo terminal and customs facilities at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)

Expansion of terminal building at Brussels South Charleroi Airport (Belgium)

Maintenance Hangar Almagro Air Base (Spain)

Design, Control & Supervision of the T3 Terminal building at Malaga Airport (Spain)

Functional analysis of the airfield of Palma de Mallorca Airport (Spain)

Design of new rapid exit taxiways at Malaga Airport (Spain)

New aircraft maintenance facilities for the Royal Jordanian Airlines, Amman (Jordan)

New General Aviation Terminal Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)

New Corporate Aviation Terminal building at Barcelona Airport (Spain)

A350-1000 Wing Lower Covers PPM

Airport Process Monitoring System (Spain)

Real time service management, control and monitoring system, using mobile technology

Quick Service Points for airlines

Passenger flow control system

Procurement of surveillance systems at Belfast International & Cardiff Airports (UK)

Elaboration and training for the Operations Manual and the SMS at Lleida-Alguaire Airport (Spain)

Setting out and readiness services of the Operations Manual and the SMS at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (Spain)

Setting out, readiness and management services of the Operations Manual and the SMS at Palma de Mallorca Airport (Spain)

Project of the Center of Experimental Flights ATLAS

Technical support for runway resurfacing bids at London Gatwick Airport & Birmingham International Airport (UK)

Study for the integration of Shannon Airport with Free Zone (Republic of Ireland)

Transaction structuring & bid process support of the new Murcia Airport (Spain)

Noise contour simulation at the twelve most important airports in Morocco

Capital expenditure modelling for Birmingham International Airport transaction (United Kingdom)

Business planning support for Huelva airport

Audit of aeronautical safety across Moroccan airport network

Control, analyse and improve service quality levels

PMO Services – Airbus operations

Programme management office Airbus customer team at Alestis

A350 XWB TTEK Engineering & design

Program A320 – Quality support

A320 – APS3250 & BSES

Interactive information points based on touchscreen technology

Transaction advisory services for the concession of Madrid-Barajas Airport (Spain)

Runway resurfacing at Heathrow Airport (United Kingdom)

New runway, associated taxiways and apron design at Gran Canaria Airport (Spain)

Masterplan for Charleroi Airport Brussels (Belgium)

AGL and NavAids design for Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Investor advisory services for the airport market in Brazil

Feasibility study of five colombian airports for their subsequent concession

Strategic development for a Benslimane and Tit Mellil dual airport scenario in Casablanca

Audit of airfield ground lighting, HV electrical, fire & water systems at Queen Alia Int. Airport, Amman (Jordan)

Audit of aeronautical safety across the moroccan airport network

Apron and taxiways AGL design at Dublin airport (Republic of Ireland)

Air traffic Control Tower and Terminal building at Lleida Airport

Air traffic control tower at Malaga airport (Spain)

U3E / Universal energy efficiency equipment

A400M landing gear system

CN235 & C295 pedal brake actuator tool

Eurofighter fuel system

CN235 & C295 mechanical and fluid systems

CN235 & C295 fuel systems

CN235/295 electrical system

Connector pannels

Systems Engineering for the A400M FAL

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) A/C Systems Engineering

Low cost guidance system for high dynamic vehicles

GE CT7-9C/9C3 Engine Test Bench

Application of leading technologies for unmanned aircrafts for the research and development of ATM

Unmanned aerial system minimun environmental impact-oriented

Lead supplier for the A400M ground test system

Hangar to convert Airbus A330 into MRTT

Flap electronic control system – FECS

Industrial engineering and logistics for Harbin Airbus plant

Industrial and logistics organisation of the CN235/C295 aircraft Final Assembly Line (FAL)

Logistics and Industrial Organisation of the new Airbus plant in Harbin (China)

Control tower at Pamplona Airport Navarra (Spain)

Feasibility study for the expansion of Kerry Airport (Republic of Ireland)

New general aviation terminal building at Málaga-Costa del Sol airport

New taxiways & holding bays at Valencia airport (Spain)

New terminal area at Pamplona Airport (Spain)