Study and design of AGL and NavAids system at Guernsey Airport (United Kingdom)


AERTEC Solutions carried out the AGL and NavAids works assessment as part of the safety works carried out at Guernsey Airport which implied the construction of new taxiways and runway areas as well as safety related works. The study completed by AERTEC Solutions analysed the works required in terms of AGL and NavAids, including their power supply, layout, implications to existing system, recommendations on new systems both in terms of equipment selection and siting, amongst others.

AERTEC Solutions also carried out a proposed phasing of the works, which was developed with the main objective of minimising the disruption of the works to the existing airport operation while maintaining the required levels of aviation safety during the works. This was critical as the proposed works included the construction of a starter extension, relocation of thresholds, relocation and renewal of ILS systems, relocation and renovation of DME systems, etc.

Finally, AERTEC Solutions also assisted during the construction stage, by providing specialised AGL on-site support assistance.


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Place: Guernsey Airport (United Kingdom)

Date: 2008

Client: Guernsey Airport & RPS Burks Green


AV P&D 035 Guernsey Airport AGL Study Design NavAid System (pdf)




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