Planificación y producción – Programa FSTA


The scope of the FSTA planning and production control services developed by AERTEC Solutions included the following activities, developed at the Airbus Military plant in Getafe (Madrid):

¬ Maintenance of production orders for each area/aircraft.

¬ Analysis of the viability of the planning and workload/ resources for each area and aircraft.

¬ Regular updating of information from lean panels.

¬ Preparation of reports and simulated planning for each area/aircraft.

¬ Production orders were organised, launched, controlled and received. All advances were controlled and operations were notified. Weekly reports were prepared.

¬ Coordination of engineering/production/kit supply chain for modifications introduced during production.

¬ Stop orders were retired and production orders were guarded until it’s final.

Manufacturing engineering  [+]

Production planning and control

Date: 2009

Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space


AE ME 003 - Planning and Production FSTA Programme (pdf)


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