ORAT´s airside manager at Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo (Brazil)


AERTEC Solutions has formed a Joint Venture with an international consultant team at Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo (Brazil) so as to develop the ORAT (Operational Readiness and Transfer) of the New Terminal Building and its associated Aprons.

AERTEC Solutions’ scope of works included the management of the operational trials of the new infrastructure including the airside trials of the new passenger boarding bridges carried out with real aircraft.

On the other hand, the following infrastructures have been analysed regarding its ICAO standards compliance:

¬ Aircraft Ground Lighting system

¬ Markings on the apron

¬ Floodlighting units

AERTEC Solutions’ final aim was to analyse the readiness of commissioning and manage the procedure to put in operation the new Terminal Building and its two associated aprons.


Operational assessment  [+]

Operational readiness and transfer management

Date: 2014

Place: Guarulhos International Airport, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Client: EC HARRIS Built Asset Consultancy


AV OPE 006 Guarulhos Int Airport ORATs Airside Manager (pdf)



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