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Operational Safety: “It is the state where the risk of injury to people or damage to facilities is reduced and maintained at an acceptable level, by means of a continuous process of identifying dangers and managing the risks”.

Operational Safety has become the main issue of aeronautical operations’ planning, development and analysis.

In order to guarantee the safety of aircraft, passengers, agents working around the aircraft and the associated infrastructures, several measures have to be implemented.

These measures are not only recommendable but there are also mandatory by the Real Decreto 862/2009 signed the 14th of May 2009.

This document approved the technical standards of design and operation of public airports. Moreover, it regulates how to obtain the certificate to operate state airports.

AENA has established most of these measures on internal documents, through procedures, certain operation instructions (EXAs) or technical guidelines, necesasry for the implementation of the Safety Management System (SMS) in their airports or for the development of design projects and construction project management.

AERTEC Solutions has an extensive experience in developing and implementing these measures, such as:

¬ Checking the technical standards for design and operations

¬ Certification process for airport. Implementation and follow-up of the Safety Management System (SMS)

¬ Aiport’s Manual. Aeronautical Emergency Plan

¬ Training in Operational Safet and SMS

¬ Analysis of operational procedures and phasing of construction works at project and construction level

¬ Operational Security Plans and Safety Oversight Plan

¬ Safety Technician and Safety Auditor services

¬ Aviation Safety Studies

Our projects:


¬ Malaga Airport
¬ Palma de Mallorca Airport
¬ Barcelona Airport
¬ Sevilla Airport
¬ Lleida-Alguaire Airport
¬ La Seu de Urgel Airport
¬ Reus Airport
¬ Girona Airport
¬ Santiago Airport
¬ Gran Canaria Airport
¬ Sabadell Airport
¬ Ciudad Real Airport
¬ Granada-Jaén Airport
¬ South Tenerife Airport


¬ Kerry Airport


Operational assessment  [+]

Operational assessment services: Operational safety management systems

Date: 2003 – 2013

Client: AENA Aeropuertos


AV OPE 003 Operational Safety Experts (pdf)


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