Operational planning and production control – A400M Flight Test Centre


Work phases

¬ Initiation: Identification of the requirements and analysis of possibilities for completion

¬ Planning: Designing the planning of the tasks to be carried out in each of the jobs that have to be performed, along with an analysis of their coherence and synchronisation

¬ Closure: Formalising the project’s closure

Scope of work

¬ Flight testing planning and monitoring

¬ Planning and monitoring of stoppages with technical amendments (working parties)

¬ Synchronising activities and re-planning tasks

¬ Attending periodic monitoring meetings and programme status reporting

¬ Setting the main KPIs

Technical data

¬ A400M MSN2 / A400M MSN4

Manufacturing engineering  [+]

Planning and production control

Date: 2009-ongoing

Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space


AE ME 005 - Operational Planning and Production Control A400M Flight Test Centre (pdf)


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