New aircraft maintenance facilities for the Royal Jordanian Airlines, Amman (Jordan)


This project consisted of the detailed design and works supervision for a new maintenance hangar to be used by Royal Jordanian Airlines for the company’s current and future fleet.

The hangar measures 84 x 94m and is 25.5m high. The project also includes the workshops and storage areas, administrative offices, an engine shop for four gantries and also all apron accesses and ancillary buildings and offices alongside the main hangar.

The hangar has been designed to carry out different maintenance checks (A-check to C-check) and operations on numerous types of aircraft of all sizes and will be able to handle up to 100 staff working simultaneously on one shift.

The work carried out by AERTEC Solutions can be divided into the following phases: Aeronautical studies, Concept design, Detailed project, Consultancy during construction tendering, Works supervision and Others: Geotechnical studies, Layouts, Walk/fly-through animation and LEED requirements.


Airports planning & design  [+]

Infrastructure services > Terminal areas: Design of hangars

Place: Queen Alia International Airport, Aman, Jordan

Date: 2011-ongoing

Client: Royal Jordanian Airlines


AV P&D 021 Nuevas Instalaciones Mantenimiento de Aeronaves Royal Jordanian en Aeropuerto Int Queen Alia, Jordania (pdf)


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