Modelo logístico y especificaciones del operador logístico para programa del Airbus A350 XWB


Alestis Aerospace is the chosen supplier of Airbus for belly fairing and section 19.1 parts of the A350 XWB programme. For logistics management of both programmes, AERTEC Solutions was responsible for the preliminary design of the logistic model and the development of the technical specifications for the procurement of a logistics operator for these programmes.

The main rule to define the model was the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which seeks to eliminate or reduce all non-value added operations, while ensuring the requirements of time, size, location and amount. This project was based on AERTEC Solutions’ extensive Lean experience.

The project was developed in four main phases:

¬ Data collection and initial study

¬ Design of the logistic model

¬ Development of the operational model

¬ Preparation of the technical specification


Industrial engineering [+]


Date: 2010

Client: Airbus D&S


AE IE 032 - Logistics Model and Logistics Operator Specifications for A350 XWB Programme (pdf)


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