Masterplan Antequera Airport (Spain)


AERTEC Solutions produced and processed the masterplan for the new airport at Antequera, a city situated approximately 50 km from Malaga, for the VERA services group.

AERTEC Solutions’ functions not only included planning the infrastructures and managing the initiative before the regulatory authority, but also promoting the project among the different stakeholders involved, which included service providers, the public administrations, airlines and the project’s other stakeholders.

These functions also included identifying airline operators that would make use of the airport and the corresponding traffic forecasts in the short, medium and long term, as well as a review and assessment of the associated business plan for the airport project’s development.

The different work packages carried out as part of this project were as follows:

¬ Assessment of the air transport industry in Andalusia
¬ Traffic forecasts for the masterplan
¬ Assessment of infrastructure needs
¬ Environmental impact assessment, corrective and offsetting measures
¬ Appraisal of infrastructure costs and of the project as a whole

The project is presently in the study phase and being submitted to the competent authorities and the airport regulator.


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Masterplans & studies

Place: Antequera, Malaga (Spain)

Date: 2008

Client: Grupo VERA


AV CON 024 Masterplan Antequera Airport (pdf)


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