Low cost guidance system for high dynamic vehicles


¬ AERTEC Solutions is part of GRETA ad consortium, led by EXPAL, company that is part of MAXAM group, a major world manufacturer of explosives and ammunition for military use.

¬ The project has the advice and collaboration of the Spanish Aerial Force, through ITM (La Marañosa Technical Institute). The aim of the project is the creation of a low cost guidance system to be used in the current non guided air- ground missiles of the armies. It will be possible to use this guidance system in civil applications, such as fire extinction or meteorology.

¬ The technology developed by AERTEC Solutions includes terminal guidance of the vehicle, receiving the laser reflection which acts like designator, feeding guidance law which changes the path in accordance with the received position and giving orders to flight control actuators. 

Aerospace & Defence systems  [+]

Defence systems > Innovation in the control and guidance

Date: 2010 – 2012

Partner: GRETA Consortium


A&D DEF 002 Low cost guidance system high dinamic vehicles (pdf)


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