Logistics planning of the factory floor and industrial org. of CN235/C295 FAL, Seville (Spain)


¬ Diagnostic of current operations by meetings with the client and by field work in the current facilities.

¬ A work hypothesis was defined, based on the 5S and Lean Manufacturing methodologies.

¬ Organisation study for the assembly process of the C-235 and C-295 aircraft at the EADS CASA facility in San Pablo.

¬ Workflows were defined, classified and developed as embedded logistics resources in the logistics chain both for the principal parts of the aircraft and the JiT supply from the controlling warehouse to the assembly areas.

¬ Work levels were organised via the design of layouts assuring the optimum location of materials, industrial and logistics resources allowing better productivity levels to be reached.


Industrial engineering [+]


Date: 2005

Client: Airbus D&S


AE IE 034 - Logistics Planning of Factory Floor and Industrial Organisation of CN235 C295 FAL San Pablo Seville (pdf)


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