Logistics model and technical specifications for logistics operator of Alestis Aerospace programmes (Spain)

The work undertaken by AERTEC Solutions in this project consisted of the preliminary design of the logistics model and the production of technical specifications to contract a logistics operator. The document describes the needs and services to be carried out by the operator at its external logistics centres related to all the programmes carried out by Alestis in Spain.

Work phases

¬ Data gathering and initial diagnosis

¬ Design of the logistics model

¬ Operational development of the model

¬ Drawing up technical specifications

Scope of work

¬ Operations with raw materials

¬ Materials supply management

¬ Logistics management of materials flows between the supplier and the ELC

¬ Logistics management and materials verification within the ELC ¬ Logistics management of materials between the ELC and the plant

¬ Placing of production orders (at the plants determined by Alestis)

¬ Client logistics (Saint Nazaire)

Technical data

¬ A total of 35 of programmes carried out by Alestis in Spain

¬ Including seven Alestis plants in Spain



Industrial engineering [+]

Technical consultancy / Operations

Date: 2010

Client: LTK


AE IE 044 - Logistics Model and Technical Specifications for Logistics Operator Of Alestis Aerospace Programmes (pdf)



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