Feasibility study for the expansion of Kerry Airport (Republic of Ireland)


AERTEC Solutions was commissioned by Kerry Airport PLC with the preparation of a feasibility study for the expansion of the airport.

The motivation for this study was preparing the airport for the medium and long term, and planning the developments and works needed to bring the infrastructure up to international standards in terms of safety.

This study assessed the possibilities for growth of the airport and set out the strategy for the development of the airport according to the traffic forecasts developed by AERTEC Solutions.

Description of the complete services provided by AERTEC Solutions staff within the assignment:
¬ Preparation of feasibility study including a decision strategy matrix
¬ Capital expense, operation costs and operating strategies
¬ Socio-economic effects on local area and inhabitants
¬ Noise contour and emissions studies, impact mitigation measures
¬ Land management and planning
¬ Forecast of future aircraft operations and cargo demands followed by a cost benefit analysis
¬ Study of the potential for future expansion and compliance with international regulations as well as ATM procedure optimisation
¬ The feasibility study also included (covering best, worst and average case traffic scenarios):

· New terminal building
· New control tower and NavAids
· Runway optimisation
· Expansion of taxiways and apron
· Expansion of car park
· New fire station (including associated services)

Along with the feasibility study, AERTEC Solutions also prepared:
¬ A health & safety plan
¬ An environmental impact assessment
¬ Fire & planning certificate
¬ Revisions of the topographical and geotechnical surveys supplied by the airport


Airports consultancy [+]

Traffic forecasting / Feasibility studies / Masterplanning

Place: Kerry airport, Killarney, Kerry County (Republic of Ireland)

Date: 2007-2008

Client: Kerry Airport PLC

Construction budget: 22 million euros


AV CON 007 Kerry Airport Feasibility Study (pdf)


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