Integral manufacturing engineering service in the A400M final assembly line of Airbus Military


aerospace-ing-fabricacion-grayiconThe contract scope consists on providing in an integral and self-managed way, the engineering service required in every stage carried out during the A400M integration and assembly in the facilities of Airbus Military in Seville.

The development of the work load is structured in order to be carried out in an optimum way (strengthen the quality and cost reduction), employing versatile and multi-functional  operative engineer teams which work in customers or remote facilities (AERTEC Solutions plants), in function of the work requirements.

Scope of the service

Systems engineering

  • Technical analysis support / troubleshooting
  • Test means projects: development follow up / test mean-aircraft integration validation / functional and interfaces specification
  • Ground test instruction / PF / repeat test inst.
  • IT / IV (definition and validation)
  • Impact assessment (HNCs, RTD, parachevement, A/C limitations, concessions, AMM tasks…)

Test engineering (test and industrial means)

  • Design of technical specifications
  • Design of request for proposal
  • Projects management (milestones, deliverables…)
  • Technical requirements and technical publications

Process and industrialization activities

  • Development and config. control engineering
    • Concurrence activities with design office…
  • Product industrialization
    • Structure generation, process…
    • Technical instruction (electrical & mechanical)
    • Route: establishment / modification
  • Production support
    • AOC for correcting process errors (work in progress regularization)
    • HNCs OC/AOC ERCs
    • Repetitive problems investigation (TIP, PPS…)
    • On-site support
  • Management support
    • Reports generation, quality gates proposals…

Electrical production engineering

  • Work order (routes, structure) & BOM (Bill Of Material)
  • Technical instruction
  • Formboards
  • Harness and control units programs for electrical functional test
  • Over-braiding programs
  • Work in progress modification
    • IDD’s


REC (Rework Electrical Centre) manufacturing engineering & technical support

  • Work orders creation in SAP-SP1/SIPLA
  • Checking and modification of parachevement adding missing info: performing tests, tools, reference documents (AIPS), missing material…
  • Work instruction doc preparation
  • Check real time given by manufacturers (in case of TAI calculate this time)
  • Include FIN localization via DMU
  • Identification of possible panels impacted due to access to working area via DMU
  • Treatment of non conformities
  • Blocking sheets (FBs) treatment

Operative planning and production control

  • Monitoring, and also control of production, of the planned tasks and its impact in the general planning
  • Monitoring and analysis of the estimated hours for the accomplishment of works vs real hours used
  • Analysis of coverage of materials associated with the orders of manufacture
  • Launch of orders of manufacture, monitoring and closing of these orders
  • Disassembly of equipment order management / loose articles. (Rejections, lending and / or cannibalization)

Organizational information

Highly experienced / qualified work team composed by more than sixty (60) dedicated engineers:

  • On-site work teams offering support in FAL stations
  • Three complete multi-functional manufacturing teams working in AERTEC Solutions facilities (off-site mode)
  • Complete set of applications and connections required for the subcontracted activities


AE ME 002 - Integral Manufacturing Engineering on the Services A400 FAL (pdf)


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