Industrial and logistics organisation A400M FAL

AERTEC Solutions has carried out the industrial and logistics organisation of the A400M FAL by following Lean Manufacturing techniques to minimise downtime in the production process.

The organisation study was initially conducted in general terms and in greater detail in a subsequent phase, defining everything connected with each workstation, including the assembly, testing, workshop and buffer areas.

Likewise, the plant’s internal and external logistics were studied and set out in processes. An analysis of the ELC (External Logistics Centre) was conducted as the basis upon which to govern the plant’s supplies based on JIT philosophy.

Work phases

¬ Industrial organisation study

¬ Internal logistics study

¬ Study of ELC needs

¬ Supply procedures

Scope of work

¬ Development of industrial organisation

¬ Definition of logistics processes and flows

¬ Integration into multidisciplinary teams

¬ Working platform requirements

¬ Just in time functional logistics planning (production materials, ancillary materials and metalwork)

¬ Development of supply chains

¬ Definition of the needs for industrial means

¬ Conceptual designs of logistics tools

¬ Implementation of planned layouts

Technical data

¬ Plot: 600,000m2

¬ Internal platforms measuring: 72,000m

¬ External platforms measuring: 35,000m2

¬ 17 production and testing stations

¬ 4 logistics buffer stations

¬ 4 process assistance workshops

¬ Bridge cranes with a maximum capacity of 20mT and 18m clearance.

¬ Internal logistics based on JIT systems

¬ External logistics regulated through ELC

¬ Lean Development through 5S techniques, Standardisation, Visual Management, VSM, SMED



Industrial engineering [+]

Technical consultancy / Operations

Date: 2005 – ongoing

Client: Airbus D&S


AE IE 046 - Industrial And Logistics Organisation Of A400M FAL (pdf)



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