GAP / Control and guidance system kit

Project leaded by AERTEC Solutions with CDTI collaboration, with 500K budget, continuation of GRETA project for the integration of terminal guidance KIT SAL-seeker into 70 mms rockets and realization of testing launch through helicopter.

Improvement and evolution of the development control and guidance system KIT based on SAL seeker, inertial systems and GPS.

Used of miniaturized electronics on board by a single FPGA with ARM processors. Incorporate GPS and inertial sensors into the terminal KIT. Develop of algorithms that integrates hybridization data from GPS, semi-active laser and IMU 9 degrees of freedom. Detection increase semi-active laser to over 4500 meters. Reduction to 2 meters CEP. Increased range due to intermediate guide management. Design guidance and solution to further develop qualification phase. 


Aerospace & Defence systems [+]

Defence systems > Innovation in the control and guidance systems

Date: 2007 – 2013


A&D DEF 003 GAP Control guidance system kit (pdf)


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