Flap support fairing A400M planificación, informes y gestión de riesgos


¬ Maintenance, monitoring and elaboration of reports on the state of the different groups that form the technical division in charge of the Flap Support Fairing of the A400M.

¬ Management of the FSF planning via the A400M programme’s own tools (Master Plan and Steering Schedule).

¬ Identification, monitoring and reporting of the risks associated with the study of the integral equipment in the development of the FSF via specific software for the A400M programme (AIRMIS).

¬ Participation in the “Planning and Risk Management” meetings held by the work teams at EADS.

Industrial engineering [+]


Date: 2006

Client: AIRBUS Defense & Space


AE IE 027 - Flap Support Fairing A400M Planning Reporting and Risk Management (pdf)


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